Our Team

Incorporated in 2006 and regulated under the MiFID regulations, BCWM was borne out of and continues a 75 year old tradition of advising clients and their families. The service was originally provided by the accountancy firm Crowe Horwath. In the mid 1990’s the financial planning and investment advice function of Crowe Horwath was established and the appropriate specialist skills were developed and recruited to provide a total wealth management service for clients.
In 2006, the Wealth Management function was incorporated into a new dedicated investment firm, now known as BCWM plc.

For over a decade, the firm’s management team has continued to develop its skills and experience such that we believe we now have an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience, dedicated to serve the client.

Meet the Team

  • Brian Conroy BCWM

    Brian Conroy

  • Noreen O'Shea BCWM

    Noreen O’Shea

  • Killian Conroy BCWM

    Killian Conroy

  • Sonia Reid BCWM

    Sonia Reid

  • Gary McGrath BCWM

    Gary McGrath

  • Lisa Pearce BCWM

    Lisa Quigley

  • Peter O'Connor BCWM

    Peter O’Connor

  • Anne Murphy BCWM

    Anne Murphy

  • Rosemary Brown

    Rosemary Brown