About Us

Continuity of Service

With the Covid 19 restrictions, please be aware that BCWM continues to provide full advisory, custodial and execution services to every client and we can be contacted by telephone, email or by post at any time.  Whilst we continue to utilise traditional postal services, our primary modes of contact with clients will be by email or by telephone. (with video conference where desired).  At this uncertain time of market volatility and economic uncertainty we continue to monitor all advisory client portfolios and will be contacting clients should any changes be recommended, or advisory services otherwise required. In the meantime, should you have any queries or require any service from us, please contact us by telephone or email (or traditional post) either directly to your portfolio manager OR at:

BCWM Client Services

Email: clientservices@bcwm.ie

Telephone +353-1-9060250

13 Upper Mount Street

Dublin D02 F407


Who we are

We are a financial planning and investment advisory firm that offers in depth advice and support to clients and their families providing a unique partnership and long term relationship with our clients.

We focus on ‘total wealth’ preservation, and enhancement. To ensure there is a proper structure to provide the requisite advice and guidance we have developed our unique Five Fund Analysis financial planning tool.

We provide bespoke customised wealth management services on a fee-only basis. This ensures we place our client interests first. We objectively assess the client’s current wealth structure and identify whether any changes in existing assets or financial gearing are appropriate, and what are the proper investment choices to fulfil client needs. We do not receive or charge commissions for selling financial products or organising financial investment transactions. Accordingly, we are not incentivised to engage in transactions or ‘churn’ investments.

We believe this ‘fee only’ approach gives our clients the reassurance that we are committed to a long term, mutually rewarding partnership with them.

Our Philosophy

We are our clients’ investment advisor and guide. We assess the current (and likely future) needs and circumstances of each client. This assessment forms the basis for the creation of a structured personal financial plan, that is agreed with the client. We create customised portfolios (using Equities, Bonds, Real Property, Exchange Traded and Actively Managed Funds as well as other more specialised investments) that are designed to fulfil the criteria specified in the agreed personal financial plan. We specify (and agree with the client) the risk and desired return, boundaries, and we use our unique Boundary Risk Analysis investment tool, to match each investment recommended with the historic risk/return data for each investment.

We believe our Boundary Risk Analysis provides a unique ability to maximise return within specified risk parameters. Our investment process ensures that not alone are investments selected to provide optimal return, but each investment is carefully monitored to ensure that under/over valuation of particular investment categories/sectors (as well as individual investments) are properly identified, and appropriate portfolio alterations implemented, in consultation with client requirements.

BCWM plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide the following investment services: Investment Advice, Receipt and Transmission, Portfolio Management and Investment Research.